What Would be a Green Vaccine?

Green means a product or service which is environmentally sustainable, and non-toxic. Green means to reduce impact on the environment and natural resourcescaless. Green also means to focus on a system of economic activity that benefits the health of individuals and the planet.

When it comes to a disease prevention program, in order to be green this disease prevention program should pass the following requirements:

  1. Non- toxic
  2. Environmentally sustainable
  3. Economically sustainable
  4. Benefit the health of individuals and the planet

How does the model of Vaccination compare to that of Homeoprophylaxis? Truth is there is nothing green about a vaccine. While the intention is to benefit the health of individuals and the planet, the reality of the application of this disease prevention program is far from it. Below let’s examine how vaccines fare with regards to being green:

  1. It is not just the disease agent in the vaccine, the growth mediums, and adjuvants we are talking about, but rather all of the other ingredients like formaldehyde, polysorbate 80, Gutaraldehyde, 2-phenoxethanol, thimerosal, beta-propiolactone, phenol, neomycin, and streptomycin, to name a few. These ingredients are toxic in themselves let alone in combination with the disease agent and immune system modulators found in vaccines: Fail.
  2. The vaccine industry relies on a continuous supply of host tissue cell cultures such human aborted fetal cells, monkey kidney or pigs intestine cells. Human fetal cells come from abortions, 100,000’s of monkeys have donated their kidneys to the science of vaccines and I am not sure where they get the pigs intestines from. Could it be a by-product of the meat production industry where the pigs are stuffed full of antibiotics and growth hormones before they are slaughtered? Fail.
  3. The economic outlook on the public health care campaign of vaccines is grim if you take the whole picture into account. On the one side, the global vaccines industry was valued at $24 billion in 2009 and is expected to reach $52 billion in 2016 at a Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 11.5%.[1] On the other side, the annual cost of autism has more than tripled to $126 billion in the US. The cost of providing care for each person with autism through his or her lifespan is $2.3 million:[2] Is this an economically sustainable health care model? Fail.
  4. While one could argue that infectious disease incidence has dropped with the use of vaccines, we are seeing an alarming rate of other conditions arising in our children: In the United States an estimated 1 in 50 children are diagnosed with autism:[3]  In 2005, 8.9% of children in the United States had asthma.[4]Now an average of one out of every 10 school-aged children has asthma.[5], [6] In 2007, 29% of children who had a food allergy also had asthma:[7] Vaccines have failed to contribute beneficially to the long-term health of our children or the environment. Fail.

On the other hand let us examine Homeoprophylaxis. Homeoprophylaxis (HP) is the use of potentized substances given by oral ingestion prior to exposure to disease with the aim to prevent that disease. Nosodes are used in the process of prophylaxis. Nosodes as defined by the Food and Drug Administration’s Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States are homeopathic ‘attenuation’s’ of pathological organs and/or tissues, causative agents, or disease products from infected individuals, such as discharges, excretions, and secretions. With the creation of nosodes, through the attenuation process of potentization, the energetic frequency of an infectious agent has been captured while removing its virulence and toxic effect.[1] Nosodes are prepared without any preservatives, adjuvants, and toxins.

According to the green scale let us see how homeoprophylaxis fares:

  1. Non-toxic: As homeopathic remedies are prepared by dilution in pure alcohol there is no longer any source material present.  The final solution is anointed onto sugar pellets and the alcohol evaporates. There are no preservatives, host tissue cells, or immuno-modulators present: Pass.
  2. As the source solution can be prepared once and then forever diluted, one can prepare an infinite amount of doses from a single source, resulting in a near zero environmental impact: Pass.
  3. The cost of Homeoprophylaxis is a minimal initial outlay of money: $300-500 for a family of 4. HP provides a safe effective form of educating the immune system with no long-term health consequences thus reduced medical bills in the future. The model of HP is economically sustainable. Pass.
  4. Children who undergo HP programs are found to be healthier then children who have not received any protection, and children who have been vaccinated according to Dr. Isaac Golden’s 15 years of research into HP.[8] HP benefits the health of the individual who in turns contributes to a healthy society. Pass.

What do you think? Would you agree that HP is a green vaccine?

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What if California Medical Providers Approved Homeoprophylaxis (HP)?

With the recent passage of CA SB277, parents, lawmakers, medical providers, and do no harmschools are going to have to figure out how to overturn this ruling, or to work within its framework. With medical professionals being the gatekeepers for deciding who is eligible for medical exemption from vaccines, they are the individuals we need to turn to and align with in regards to the health choices parents make for their children.

Currently, we doubt that any law maker has heard of homeoprophylaxis. This law would not be under protest if vaccines were safe. We know those parents who are looking for a safer option to vaccination may have found HP. It is these parents searching for options who will be leading the way to The Solution, and will be the ones who will have the opportunity to discuss their children’s health with medical professionals.

Medical professionals have the professional, moral obligation to practice in accordance with the Hippocratic Oath, in addition to their conscience, and Do No Harm.

As the vaccination method of disease prevention has known risks and associated side effects, and the vaccine companies are legally absolved from any liability for harm done, the next in line for culpability are medical professionals. Not only legal culpability, but also the psychological burden of responsibility is upon their shoulders, to the patients who come to them for healthcare.

Talk to your medical providers about HP. Tell them how HP shares the same philosophy as vaccination, but the method is safer, non-toxic, and provides a gentle way of educating your children’s immune system towards infectious disease.

We know no method of disease prevention is 100% guaranteed. Vaccine proponents admit this too. The public wants another option to reach the same end goal. HP provides that other option.

We have HP Supervisors in California available to answer your questions and to help you navigate your way to the medical providers that would support your right to choose the option of HP as a public health care model of disease prevention.

Find an HP Supervisor near you.

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FHCi is a 501c3Public charity working for education, research and access to homeoprophylaxis

Is HP Recognized by the State?

Hello! As the champions of #Homeoprophylaxis (HP) and promotion of #Vaccine Choice options, FHCi feels that every individual  StartingOverAfterDivorcehas the power to create the life they want to live.

When parents ask: Does HP count for vaccination in the eyes of the State? We ask the bigger question: What kind of life are you willing to give your children? Are we willing to accept the State laws that tell us what we have to do at the risk of damaging our children’s immune systems? Or, do we want to live our lives in accordance with our own conscience and work towards making sure the laws we live under, in a democracy, reflect this belief.

Years ago there were no laws that allowed alternative healthcare practitioners to practice. Now we have Health Freedom laws in several states around the country. This is because people kept working toward the world they want to live in. Now it seems illogical looking back to the time that healers could not practice and you would not have access to them.

There was a time healers were burned at the stake! My how far we have come!

The time is now to create the world we want to live in. The more parents who opt for HP, the more clout we have. The more that say no to vaccines, the healthier our children will be. The more people that opt for HP, the more recognition parents get for being responsible to society and taking care of their kids in a way that seems right to them.

Society changes based upon the impetus of the individual and the degree to which the individual is limited by the pressures of society. Epidemic disease is based on the in-adaptability of the population to modify their trajectory.

We currently have an epidemic of children with asthma, allergies, behavioral disturbances, developmental delays and autism. We are the ones who are in charge. The more power we give to others, the more of a victim we will be. We are the only ones that can change this trajectory and we have to change it if we want to ensure our survival. Our passivity is what limits us.

Carl Jung said: ‘Rather than being sufferers of our time, we are the creators of our epoch.’ The question is what kind of a future do you want for your children? And how many people, laws, or vaccines are you going to let deny them of that future? Start there, and then we can see about getting States to recognize HP as a viable option for educating your child’s immune system towards infectious disease.

Find an HP Supervisor in your area and Start HP today.

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Does HP make antibodies? And are antibodies synonymous with immunity?

T-lyphocyte099This is the question of the year! However, before we can answer this question we must review the misconceptions of the vaccine paradigm. The basis of the vaccine paradigm is the quest to make antibodies. Research shows that some vaccines, when given repeatedly, will force the body to make antibodies in most people. The standard of the vaccine industry assumes that if antibodies are produced, then there is immunity. But is this really true? And is this standard held to? i.e., It is assumed that if you have been

cytocinesvaccinated you have antibodies. The litmus test in this paradigm is for the un-vaccinated to prove antibodies to avoid vaccines. Truth is however, many who have been vaccinated do not make antibodies. But, in the eyes of the officials, if they had the vaccine that is enough proof for them. There are also those that make excessive antibodies from vaccines, like an allergic reaction, the result of which is a system in a heightened allergic state causing a myriad of other inflammatory symptoms.

In attempts to make vaccines ‘safer,’ in 2000, the amount of antigen in a single vaccine had been reduced. To ensure that the immune system makes a sufficient response, high amounts of aluminum or aluminum salts have been added to force an allergic reaction to the antigen. We know that one dose of vaccine does not always produce an antibody response and so more doses have been added to the vaccine schedule to make up for this inadequacy. The more doses added to the schedule, the more allergic conditions that arise as a result of this repetitive immunological stimulation.

The antibodies generated from a vaccine are short-lived, allergic responses to disease, not full immunity. This means you can still contract the disease because you have only developed a one-sided antibody response to the antigen, not a full response to the disease process that would involve the general immune system.

Natural disease is the only way to produce life-long immunity and life-long antibodies. Natural immunity is developed through full engagement of both the general and specific branches of the immune system. General immune system function is initiated with contact on the mucous membranes by an antigen. As the antigen bypasses the mucous membranes, specific immune function is stimulated, so that antibodies are made to disable and discharge the antigen. A balanced immunological response is a state of both an adequate febrile response and localization – which are the actions of the general immune system to fight infections; plus having an adequate tolerance to ward off excessive inflammation, allergic responses and autoimmune conditions.

It is the capability of the body to resist harmful microorganisms or viruses from entering it that is the best form of immunity. Can vaccines accomplish this if they are injected, therfore bypassing the peripheral immunological markers which need to be engaged before a systemic antibody response is generated?

If the surface membranes are sufficiently stimulated towards an infectious agent, it is possible to garner general immunity to a disease without antibodies being produced. This is what homeoprophylaxis (HP) does.

HP doses are taken orally, touching upon the mucous membranes, calling upon the body to produce a general immune system reaction to the disease entity. This general immune system response is like a mini-rehearsal of the disease elimination process. If this response is sufficient it will engender immunity without the need for antibodies to develop.

HP is the use of homeopathically prepared disease entities, (a.k.a Nosodes). The original disease source, either a cultured pathogen, sputum, or discharge from an infected individual, is potentized through a series of dilutions and succussions to arrive at an alcohol solution holding the energetic memory of the disease entity and therfore information about the normal immunological response to that entity (in the case of nosodes sourced from human discharges). The solution is then applied to sugar pellets, the alcohol evaporates and only the information about the disease entity remains. When given orally this energetic information activates a general immune system response to the antigen. As there is no antigen present (due to the dilution process) no antigen enters the blood, thus negating the need for the development of antibodies to disable and eliminate the antigen. Therefore, HP stimulates immunity without the need for antibodies. This is not to say however that in some instances HP can’t produce antibodies, or even if antibodies are the true test of immunity. For more information on the efficacy of HP please look to these links: [i], [ii]

The unfortunate meaning of this is that if we are trying to satisfy the illogical rationale of the vaccine paradigms’ need for antibodies, we may not be able to do so with HP. But, certainly we can prevent disease. With the use of HP, immune systems become stronger and more able to navigate through an infectious disease process as they have been sufficiently educated to do so.

[i]. Golden, Isaac, Homeoprophylaxis – A Proven Alternative To Vaccination. Life Health Choices, http://www.lifehealthchoices.com/the-center/health-options/homeoprophylaxis

[ii]. Compilation of authors. Evidence of Homeoprophylaxis http://freeandhealthychildren.com/certification/hpdocuments/hp-supervisors-resourses/

What You Know

gut feelingWe believe you are looking to HP for the health of your children. We believe you made this choice because as parents, you are educated on the effects of vaccines. We believe that you understand at a gut level what is good for your children and that HP fits within that understanding.

We thank you for seeking us out for the benefit of society towards infectious disease, and for participating in the program for the health of your children.

Ode to Hahnemann

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