Can my HP Child Play with Your Vaccinated Child?

There are three parts to this question. First we need tochildren play understand how disease actually works in the healthy immune system.  Next, what have vaccines done (and not done)  for the immune system?  And finally, how does homeoprophylaxis (HP) strengthen the immune system?

Point one-The way acute disease really works: Acute infectious disease shows itself by way of active symptoms, including but not limited to; fever, discharge, cough, eruptions etc. If one is sick there are signs and symptoms of this sickness. Usually a child would be kept home from school and stay in bed while their body works out this infectious process. This mechanism is true for vaccinated, unvaccinated and HP children.  An unvaccinated or HP child with no visible signs of sickness,  is not contagious, nor do they harbor a list of infectious agents to infect other children with.

Susceptibility to sickness has to do with the inherent strength of the child’s immune system. The stronger the immune system, the better able the child is to defend and recover from acute illnesses. Some say acute illness actually comes along to serve this purpose: To strengthen the immune system. Sometimes children need the help of homeopathy to move all the way through a sickness.

Point two- What do vaccines do to the immune system? It is assumed that when your child receives a vaccine they are immune to a disease. Antibodies have been forced to be produced with adjuvants. This is a one-sided immune response. It is assumed that antibodies mean they will remain healthy. Truth is antibodies are not the same as immunity. Vaccinated children can still contract the disease as their general immune system function has not been keyed to the infectious agent. Truth is many vaccines are made with live attenuated viruses. These viruses can then be shed into the surrounding population even if the vaccinated child doesn’t show any visible signs of sickness. This is in direct opposition to the afore mentioned statement that unvaccinated and HP children are not reservoirs of viral and bacterial agents as vaccinated children are.  Truth is vaccines have done nothing to strengthen the immune system or prepare that child for real infectious processes. They skew the immune system, manipulating production of antibodies.  This leaves the child in a state of sequela from the vaccine with a variety of possible unresolved ear infections, upper respiratory infections and gastrointestinal dysfunction: Vaccines have done nothing to strengthen the functioning of the immune system. Recent studies have shown that in fact, this can leave the child more open to other infections. (1)

Point three- How HP educates the immune system: The key to understanding HP lies in the attenuation process. With a homeopathic nosode the disease entity has been diluted out of the solution. This means that there are no viral or bacterial particles left in the final preparation. This potentization process imparts an energetic frequency to the solution which is then understood by the human system. Upon exposure to the homeopathic nosode, the immune system reacts as if it has seen the disease. It learns about the disease process, and then recovers with no lingering symptoms – there are no viral or bacterial particles to transmit to others. What remains is an educated immune system and no after effects. This experience strengthens the immune system. The child is less susceptible to contacting the diseases for which the nosodes were given. The immune system has also been exercised and the child remains less susceptible to contracting other sicknesses as well. When the next virus comes along, the immune system has been educated in knowing how to develop a fever, mount a natural immune response, develop a discharge and resolve the illness.

So in answer to the question, yes your vaccinated child can play with my HP child because my HP child’s immune system knows what to do when it sees sickness and the viral particles your child may shed. However your vaccinated child may be too sick with other lingering problems to come out to play.

(1) Clinical Infectious Diseases 2012;54(12):1778–83

Vaccines and Homeoprophylaxis Share the Same History

Did you know Homeoprophylaxis was develoed at the same time as the smallpox vaccine? And that the cowpox vaccine for smallpox worked by the homeopathic law of similar disease?

Extracting cowpox from infected cow udders

Historically with the smallpox epidemics in Europe it was observed that those who previously contracted cowpox were immune to small pox. This observation led scientists to the idea of inoculating people with cowpox disease to prevent smallpox. This was the first vaccination used on people. The inoculation material produced a mild local infection similar to that of smallpox and in some people generated life-long immunity to smallpox. At this same time homeopaths developed a homeopathic preparation of the smallpox vesicle and used this with equal effectiveness for the prevention of smallpox. This homeopathic nosode is called variolinum.

Scientists researched the potential of preventing other diseases by introducing live viruses to stimulate immunity. Experiments were begun with dogs and the rabies virus. Unfortunately, this  method killed many dogs until Louis Pasteur had the idea to incubate the virus in rabbits to lessen its virulence. This was the first attempt at attenuation, or the weakening of the virulence of a disease.

This method of attenuating the virus in another host species tissue is still used today in the production of vaccines. Homeopathic attenuation is done through dilution and succussion.

The problem with the vaccine method is threefold:

  • The final product not only has the original pathogen but also the possibility of pathogens found in the host cell culture,[i]; [ii] viruses, and also DNA from the host cells. In addition, vaccines are loaded with a variety of other ingredients such as bovine casein, peanut oil, antibiotics, yeast, and aluminum adjuvants which force the immune system into a hyperactive allergic response. In flu shots, the preservative Thimerosol, which contains mercury, is used.
  • Vaccines are injected which bypass the peripheral aspects of the immune system.
  • The vaccine schedule now lists multiple diseases to be given simultaneously and repeated often in a short amount of time. Infant’s immune systems are too immature to develop the appropriate immunological response to so many disease at once.

As a result of this method the ill-health of children in America has reached epidemic proportions.[iii] ,[iv], [v]

It is for these reasons we need Homeoprophylaxis (HP). It is a time-honored practice of infectious disease prevention and its effectiveness is well-documented throughout history. [vii]  The difference between homeoprophylaxis and vaccination is the method of attenuation, delivery, and dosing schedule.

  • HP nosodes only contain a simple dilution of the original disease material, where the solution contains the memory of the substance only – nothing else; no chemicals, no additives, no antibiotics.
  • HP is given through the mouth in small pellets, so the intestines, where 80% of immunity resides, can recognize the disease material and start the work of building immunity.
  •  HP gives one single disease at a time. Developing immune systems are unable to resolve too many diseases at once. This is the safest and most natural way to allow sufficient time for developing immune systems to identify, mount a natural response, and resolve this immune system stimulation.
  • The end result is pure education of the immune system in how to mount an appropriate response in an unconfused way. But because there is actually no disease particle present in the final solution there is no risk of harm and the reactive process just passes on its own, leaving its imprint in the memory of the immune system.

With Homeoprophylaxis you get the learning of the disease without the suffering and without the attended side effects of vaccines. It educates children’s immune systems gently and safely.

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What is Health Freedom

Homeoprophylaxis (HP) provides another option to those parents seeking a safe alternative to vaccines. HP offers a way to educate your child’s immune system.  The right to choose one’s own healthcare and disease prevention option is a basic human right. This lies at the heart of health freedom.

The autism rate has been steadily increasing over the last two decades. It’s reached epidemic proportions while U.S. health officials have been helpless to tell us the cause or the cure. In the U.S. one child in every 50 now suffers from an autism spectrum diagnosis! Studies by independent researchers have identified vaccines as a causative factor.

Are you aware of how governmental actions can impact your life? When health care options are eliminated through restrictive laws and regulations, the freedom to choose is eliminated. Access to personal options becomes meaningless and erodes our basic right for the pursuit of freedom and happiness. The vaccine paradigm that has been imposed upon us is based on a construction of assumptions about how vaccines work in the immune system rather than how the immune system actually works with infectious disease.

The National Health Freedom Coalition envisions “a healthy nation, with empowered people, making informed health care decisions.” Their vision includes the right for individuals to choose their own disease prevention method. Education is a key ingredient in this process.

Democracy aims to provide individual freedoms – a true democracy includes the right to choose for one’s own health, or that of a child. What is the choice you need to make for your own family? Or have you mistakenly been swept along in the tide of those people who have let others choose for them? If we stand together and fight for freedom in health care choices we will make a difference.

We are all getting educated the hard way in retrospect of vaccine damage. Lets go pro-choice and support other ways to protect our children’s immune systems and keep disease incidence down. Homeoprophylaxis offers another way.

Do You Want to Pay Now or Pay Later?

Have we been to bargaining with the health of our children?

cash or creditThe vaccine paradigm has been trading fevers and childhood illnesses for interest compounded chronic disease. According to Donald Miller, MD, a cardiac surgeon at the University of Washington Medical School, “developmental disorders, sudden infant death syndrome, cancer, and chronic diseases such as asthma, rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes are the biggest problems among children today.” This is what we have traded for chicken pox, measles and mumps.

Chronic disease is the accumulated interest of eliminating acute disease, stopping fevers and suppressing all symptoms. It is a misguided effort to suppress the normal and necessary elimination processes of acute disease to maintain the illusion of “health.”

Getting the latest vaccine is alluring when all the “experts” tout the benefits of eradicating yet another strain of pneumonia. This has hoodwinked us into believing that all germs are bad. The truth is that exposure to these organisms and the purification of fevers is what keeps our children healthy.

True health is the result of a vibrant, well-exercised immune system. Every illness, cold, or fever makes a deposit into this health bank account. The goal is to capture the benefit of disease without the suffering.

This is the goal of homeoprophylaxis. Tiny doses of disease educate the immune system in a safe and effective way.  Allowing the natural cycle of a fever and resolution to build immunity is the dependable deposit into the lifelong health account. Avoiding all illness is simply accumulating interest to be paid later in the form of chronic ill health.

What is a Homeoprophylaxis Fever?

thermometerNot all fevers are alike!

A fever is the body’s attempt to remove invasion. It shows us that the immune system is working correctly! The goal is to receive benefits from the right kind of fever without risk. Let’s look at both curative and pathological fevers.

Infections are only one cause for a rise in temperature. Heat-stroke and head injuries can also produce fevers. Over exposure to a cold wind is another cause. Emotional responses, such as shock or trauma, can result in fevers. Teething children can develop a temperature with or without infection. The fever can actually be an important part of the developmental process!

The difference between a curative fever and a pathological one is shown by the general symptoms of the child. Fevers accompanied by restlessness, pain, agitation, listlessness, or stupor along with rapid respiration or feeble pulse are cause for concern.

A healthy immune response fever will come without worrisome symptoms. The child will exhibit a level of calmness and want to sleep and be left alone. Or they might be playing happily despite an elevated temp.

It is the level of suffering rather than the intensity of heat that indicates what supportive measures are needed. Intense pain, vomiting, delirium, or excess lethargy tell you to consult a practitioner for homeopathic remedies to ease the fever and support the immune process. How high is too high? A child who is up and playing can withstand a fever of 104 °F for several days with out worry. I child with a 100 °F fever who is limp and listless is cause for concern.

Parents have become increasingly afraid of fevers. Conventional treatment is to control fevers and suppress them. Doctors even recommend giving Tylenol before vaccinations. This is counter productive since we know the goal of vaccination is to mount an immune response. The fever is instrumental in accomplishing this!

It is important to monitor fevers. The concept of a curative fever must not be confused with letting a fever run wild. If left on their own, we don’t want fevers to be life-threatening. If left too long or allowed to get too high, fevers can cause serious complications. Dehydration is one of the most common side-effects. Convulsions can be the result of cerebral congestion if left untreated.

Homeopathic remedies support the body in the fever process during this important immune system process. Suppressed fevers and unresolved sickness will often lead to more serious chronic sickness and a general state of weakness can ensue for months or years.

Homeoprophylaxis Nosodes stimulate a mild fever while engaging the appropriate immune system disease recognition pathways which in turns strengthens and educates the immune system.

The goal is to get the right fever, support it appropriately and derive the most benefits for the immune system!

How Homeopropylaxis Educates the Immune System

Is disease bad?  What are we all afraid of? What if there is really a beneficial purpose to acute disease?

Part of that purpose is to educate the immune system! What if in the suffering of childhood diseases there is the possibility of liberating the system from inherited encumbrances?

What we know is that the development of a fever equals a cleansing process. Metabolism is increased, toxins are cleared from the system, and we see developmental leaps after an acute illness resolves. Acute disease is called into the system to stimulate this process The immune system is being exercised and maturing through this natural and amazing process!

The problem is that, in some cases, the dose of acute disease may be too strong. What then? The question is how can we support the natural process of disease but not let this process be too violent?

Facilitating this process safely is the goal of homeoprophylaxis. The real goal is not to avoid disease but to capture the benefits without the suffering. The size of the dose of disease is critical in accomplishing this.

How does homeoprophylaxis get the right dose? By reducing disease to an energetic form through the homeopathic dilution process. This preparation is called a “nosode.”

Nosodes emit the same frequency as the original disease agent. This frequency acts to stimulate general immune system function. Taking a dose is like taking a tiny dose of the disease itself. Because the nosode is energetic there is no actual disease present, however when introduced to the body, the body behaves as if it has the disease for a moment. This process is sufficient to educate the immune system about that particular disease.

This is the similar principle vaccines were historically based upon. But……nosodes are made without additives, adjuvants (chemicals added to increase the action of vaccines) or preservatives!

These days vaccines have been used as an attempt to avoid disease at all costs.  However with increased chronic disease and disruptions in normal childhood development people are now questioning the costs of conventional vaccines.

With homeoprophylaxis your child can receive the benefit of catching the disease without any of the risks or suffering! THIS is true education of the immune system.

How to Access Homeoprophylaxis

More and more people are shying away from vaccines and are searching for another way. Global interest in public access to Homeoprophylaxis is growing.  While it has been used in practice for over 200 years, it is only now, in the face of growing concerns over vaccine safety, that people like you are actively seeking it out!

To meet this public demand, we have provided an easy and accessible way to find homeoprophylaxis in North America. By setting up the program as a self-administered, infectious disease prevention program, and a research model, we can help to keep our children healthy. We will also generate a body of evidence supporting an alternative to vaccination.

If you would you like to be involved in this study, you can join us in changing the vaccine paradigm. In doing so your children will remain healthy and free of toxic chemicals and immunological problems.

To see if there’s a homeopathic practitioner near you who can include your child, visit us at

Scroll down and you’ll find links to qualified practitioners. If you’re already working with a homeopath not on the list, have them contact us and they can be trained to offer HP to your family and others in your area.

The collection of data for research is maintained by Free and Healthy Children International, a non-profit designed to promote the use of homeoprophylaxis internationally.