Empowerment with Homeoprophylaxis

The number one calling for parents is to love and care for their infants and children in the empowerbest way they know how. We make important choices about how we birthe our children, what we feed them, and how we nurture them. When it comes to health care and sickness, we are looking for ways to hold them in the same way. The problem with the conventional medical model of disease prevention and treatment is that the model puts control outside of our hands and for the most part is limited to vaccinations and antibiotics.

For those parents making conscious choices for the health of their children, this option often is in discord with one’s beliefs and values. Without another option, it is possible to feel powerless and at the mercy of a system of medical treatment that does not resonate with those core beliefs about the wisdom of the body’s self healing, and its ability to heal itself and rebound from infectious processes. As a result, the internal pressure to vaccinate can grow due to a lack of access or knowledge of other options.

What I remember about being a young mom when I found homeopathy was that I had found a system of medicine that worked to support my children as they grew, and helped them to move through their illnesses. It put the power back in my hands in how to help them.

As more families find the way of homeopathy, they too report that before when their child was sick, they had many fears and concerns about them getting better. With seeing the effectiveness of homeopathy, they develop confidence and knowing that when their children get sick, homeopathy can always help.

When it comes to preventing infectious disease, homeoprophylaxis (HP) offers a safe and effective alternative solution to the conflict of the risks of vaccinating and the risks of doing nothing.

Through repeated exposure to a pure disease agent in an energetic form, infants’ immune systems learn how to respond appropriately to infectious processes. Through witnessing these subtle immunological responses, parents watch their children’s immune systems develop and mature unencumbered without the immune system irregularities associated with vaccines. With HP, not only do their children’s immune systems develop normally, but parents become empowered with growing confidence that their children’s immune systems can and will protect them from infectious diseases.

Now that’s EMPOWERMENT!  That is what Free and Healthy Children International wants to share with you, your communities, and the population at large: Free and healthy children.

What if we dilute the infectious principle?

When Louis Pasture was studying rabies, in order to make a rabies vaccine in the midrabies 1800’s, he was perplexed by the conundrum of the problem of death in dogs after injecting active rabid dog’s blood. At the same time Edward Jenner was studying smallpox in England. He had observed that those who had previously contracted cowpox (a disease very similar to small pox) were immune to small pox.

This idea of using the disease of incubated in another living species to weaken or ‘attenuate’ the disease seemed brilliant and so Louis Pasture began his trials with rabies virus incubated in live rabbits. Sure enough the serum procured from the now dead rabbits was weakened enough so that it was able to produce an immunological response in dogs but not strong enough to kill them. And thus, out of this study, the practice of attenuating viruses on animal host mediums for the production of vaccines began.

To date vaccines have been incubated on host mediums such as monkey kidneys (Kinrix), pigs intestines (Rotatech), rabbits blood (MMR till 1998, after which it was human diploid cells AKA: aborted fetal tissue), calf serum (Pediarix), egg (Influenza), etc. The problem with this method of attenuation is that, firstly you need to kill the host to procure the viral activated serum, and secondly  the animal/host DNA combines with the viral DNA which remains the vaccine. The problem with Human aborted fetal cells is that now you have the antigen mixed with Human DNA and when these are both mixed with the vaccine adjuvants (used to force allergic antibody action) the resultant effect is that the immune system starts to produce an allergic response to all human DNA. This results in autoimmune conditions.

We know these side-effects were not the desired effects of the vaccine paradigm. But these effects are real. Children who have been vaccinated suffer from a variety of allergic problems due to the added ingredients in the vaccine and the adjuvants instructing their immune systems to produce an allergic response.

What few people know is that homeopaths were also working with rabies and small pox in the 1800’s and they had the brilliant idea to attenuate through the homeopathic dilution method. The first homeopathic nosode made was Hydrophobinum, that of the saliva of a rabid dog procured from Louis Pasture’s dogs. this nosode too demonstrated remarkable ability to protect against rabies. Since that time nosodes have been made from nearly every disease and pathogen and are now a part of the homeopathic pharmacopeia.

The homeopathic attenuation method solves the problem of virulence of the viral or bacterial strain while still capturing the energetic quality of the disease entity. Accordingly, when taken orally, as with a homeopathic remedy, this is able to produce a mild immunological response so as to educate the immune system without the cross contamination like that of vaccines, and without the risk of stimulating auto-immune disease.

The added benefit of the homeopathic attenuation method is there is no need for preservatives, antibiotics or other immune-modulators as the energetic component of the disease is sufficient to do all the work necessary to stimulate immunity. This is what we are doing with Homeoprophylaxis.

6. Funding Legal Strategy Fund

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5 Fundrasing for International Expansion of Homeoprophylaxis

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There has never been the need for homeoprophylaxis (HP) around the world than today. PC haitiHP is cheap, easy to apply to many people in #epidemic situations and has no side effects. Our goal at FHCI is to network and educate around the world. To start at a grass roots level and when possible work with officials to bring HP to the people.

As a part of the international #health-freedom-movement we believe in:

  • Freedom to choose healthcare options
  • Access to the kind of healthcare you want
  • Freedom from being forced to toxify your body with vaccines
  • Another way of disease prevention that respects our body’s intelligence in relation to  disease organisms

If you resonate with this and want to help spread homeoprophylaxis around the world then consider donating to our cause. Our goal is to work with other organizations internationally to these ends.



4. Funding Influenza HP Research 2015: What if we had choice?

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Every year new strains of #influenza viruses appear in local populations. Each year the flumedia offers an onslaught of requests and campaigns to invite people to get the #flu-shot despite year after year reports of minimal efficacy and personal stories of having the worst case of flu after being vaccinated.
Medical personnel are obliged to comply with the #mandatory-vaccine requirement at the risk of being fired. If not, they are stigmatized by needing to wear a #mask: Like a black band stating “YOU HAVE NOT TAKEN YOUR SHOT!”
What if we had choice? What if we could prove on a large scale the efficacy of HP for Flu? If you are wanting this option please donate. If you are a medical personal feeling the pressure to be vaccinated every year against your will then please donate.


3. Funding HP Research, Data Entry and Analysis

role of MoneySince 2008, when one of FHCi’s founding board members was introduced to the work of Isaac Golden in Cuba, the need for the establishment for an avenue of access to Homeoprophylaxis (HP) in North America has never been more paramount.

Given continued exposure of the contradictions in the vaccine paradigm we know the time for our work has come. To these ends FHCi has provided an avenue for access to HP under the auspices of research.

This mechanism for research is a collaborative effort between the board, the HP Supervisors we have trained and the parents who are giving HP to their children.

The time and devotion to this task to disseminate the program has, for the most part been voluntary. The entry of more children into the research aspect of our work is coming to a close by the end of 2014. The need for tracking the families that have started HP in the past years and data analysis is coming upon us.

We are looking for ways to fund our time and the independent evaluation of our results. If you believe in:

  • The need for this research
  • The value of this research
  • That society will benefit from this research
  • That the health of our children will benefit from this research

Then please consider donating to our cause.
We need to raise $50,000 to evaluate our research


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2. Funding FHCi Board

We Need Funds for General Operating Expenses.stacks of money

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At this time, when the adverse effects of vaccination are becoming more and more known, more and more parents are looking for alternatives for disease prevention. Homeoprophylaxis is an alternative.

As homeopaths we began to see this problem years ago and we have been looking for solutions. We feel that Homeoprophylaxis offers a solution.  The role of FHCi is to ensure the avenue of access to HP is there for all those who would like to choose this option.

Our board has been working tirelessly since 2011 on the work through educating supervisors, writing research, tracking data, and establishing FHCi as a 5019(c)3 Public Charity status.

  • To date all of the work on the board has been voluntary
  • To date we have 90 Educated and Certified HP supervisors all with the potential to earn money offering HP
  • We are providing parents an alternative to vaccination
  • We are active in spreading the word internationally and locally
  • We do this work because we believe in it
  • List of places of international exposure, presentations and networking for 2014
    • Canada Isaac Golden Conference-Attendance
    • Netherlands -Amma Resonance Healing foundation Conference: Epidemics -Attendance
    • England-Royal Academy of Homeopathy – 1 hour Seminar presentation
    • Germany- FHCi outreach and connection tour
    • Sweden-Full Weekend Conference Presentation
    • Turkey- 2 Full Weekend Conference Presentations
    • Paris -LIGA – 30 min Presentation
    • California -JAHC-1.5 hour Presentation
    • International Council for Homeopathy- Annual meeting- FHCi representation
    • Holistic Physicians Conference, MN – FHCi Booth
    • National Health Freedom Conference-Networking and FHCi Representation

We would like our efforts to bring an economic value to our organization and more money to do more work.

We need to raise $40,000 to cover administration and out reach for 2015

If you believe in HP and are grateful for what FHCi is offering to you in your practices, to the parents wanting to keep their children healthy and to the world, Please DONATE NOW

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Thank you for your participation and for your contributions to the health of the continent by offering HP to your families.

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