How Many Children are Doing HP?

Did you know you are a part of a growing trend? You are leaders in a grass umbrellaroots movement towards finding another way to keep your children healthy. We at Free and Healthy Children International are here to hold an umbrella over your children. We are clearing the way for parents like you to find a way to protect your children’s health so you can abide by the societal pressure of keeping infectious disease incidence down. To date we have over 1000 families participating in the HP program. Your voice matters. Your actions matter. You know you are doing this because you have done your research and you have decided HP is the way you want to protect your children. From 2009 -2014, in the United States and Canada, 637 children entered into the research. Since January 2015 another 500 children have enrolled in the HP program. Did you know that a small group of people can do amazing things? By us uniting and having a single voice, we have power and can change a paradigm. Inch by inch, word by word, people are talking and we are creating momentum to have something different. HP was officially brought to the United States in 2009. Nobody had heard of HP, others thought it was not possible. Now 6 years later Homeoprophylaxis is a household word. Doctors have heard of it. Parents are discussing it. Skeptics have tried to stop us. Mandatory vaccine laws have arisen and we will keep going, providing another way. If vaccines were safe and did not adversely affect children’s health, parents would still vaccinate. There would be no need to pass laws to force them to vaccinate because people would just do it. Fact is vaccines are not safe. The theory of vaccination is correct; the science is dishonest and the methodology is flawed. In order for immune system to work it needs to be stimulated from the outside in. If done correctly, then the body will make antibodies and there will be learning about the immunological process. This means the infectious agent needs to touch upon the mucus membranes to activate this process. As vaccines are injected, they need to add aluminum adjuvants to force the body to make antibodies. Infant’s immune systems cannot make antibodies, they can only make fevers and discharges in response to vaccines. When a fever and discharge is initiated in an infant who received a vaccine, often the fever is suppressed and the discharge is treated with antibiotics. Infant’s immune systems are stuck with how to get rid of the vaccine. The immune system can only process one active disease at a time. It is all too much and has nothing to do with how the immune system actually works. The result is a whole generation of children with burdened and dysfunctional immune systems. The theory of HP is the same as vaccines: introduce a disease agent so the immune system can learn. You as parents are witnessing your children’s immune systems mature through this mild immunological process. We know you have confidence in the process as you follow the program. Your children willingly take the remedies as they taste nice and there are no harmful effects. Thank you for thinking well and keeping your children free and healthy. Stand with us. Stand strong and consider donating to FHCi so as to invest in the furture you want to see.

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Under Who’s Authority is My Body?

Our immune system is the central governance of our body. Its purpose and innate uncle-samprerogative is to differentiate self from non-self: To determine what is good for the body and what is not. This plays out in the face of infectious disease, the food we eat, and the thoughts we think. In health, those things our body determines are good for us are absorbed and integrated into its internal makeup. Those which are not are eliminated. The immune system eliminates that which is not us via fever, discharge and eruption. The digestive track eliminates toxins via vomiting and diarrhea. Our brains eliminate what is not true for us via disagreement and by knowing who we really are.

This self-governance is an inborn mechanism that comes hand in hand with our birth-right and humanness. When it comes to disease prevention does it not make sense that we are free to employ this innate prerogative for our self-preservation?

In a diseased state our central self-governance fails to  discriminate self from non-self. It fails to eliminate toxins, to respond appropriately to infectious agents and can no longer determine what is true or false. Today where 1 in 50 children have Autism, which is determined to be a failure of the auto-regulatory system, one must wonder how it got this way.

When our government dictates that we are to inject our children and ourselves with multiple disease agents, in a concoction that is designed to falsely manipulate the immune system into functions it would not ordinarily do, we have lost control of our auto-regulatory system, and ultimately lost authority over our self-determination. Our children, who we never asked, never had the opportunity to make that choice.

If we are to live in a free and just society we must have the right to govern what goes in our bodies. We must have the right to reign over our flesh and blood.

We at Free and Healthy Children International believe that homeoprophylaxis offers another way of disease prevention. It is a way that respects how the immune system is designed to work and ultimately serves to strengthen and educate the immune system so that is can continue to do what it is designed to do; differentiate self from non-self and keep us healthy and self -determined.

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FHCi is a 501c3Public charity working for education, research and access to homeoprophylaxis

Why not Just do Nothing?

We meet parents all the time who are bright, intelligent, and resourceful. They care deeply about their children. They’ve done their homework investigating the ingredients in vaccines, and they question the risks to premature babies, immune compromised children and other atypical populations. As a result of their investigation, they’ve made a choice to not vaccinate and we applaud them!

So why undertake homeoprophylaxis (HP) instead of just doing nothing?

Simple: To educate your child’s immune system towards infectious disease. The act of coming in contact with a highly attenuated (weakened) natural disease agents carries great benefits. Mother Nature had a plan when measles, mumps and chicken pox were designed. Their purpose is to exercise and educate a child’s immune system.  This biological education includes mounting a fever, creating a discharge or eruption and finding resolution – the steps for the maturation of full immunity.

Our good health is dependent upon our harmonious relationship with viruses and bacteria. These life forms possess a directive to live and thrive, mutating if necessary. Rather than being a sitting duck and waiting around to see if you get sick why not per-emtively educate the immune system towards the disease process?

HP delivers one disease at a time in a pure and gentle manner. It’s introduced through the mouth where the initial immune response can begin. This in turn enhances immunity. Enhanced general immunity is added insurance for long term health. There are no preservatives, no antibiotics, no chemicals of any kind; just the vibrational pattern of the disease itself.

HP provides all the benefits of disease without any of the risks.

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FHCi is a 501c3Public charity working for education, research and access to homeoprophylaxis

Shifting the Paradigm Together with Everyday HP

As the head wanderer and wonderer at the HP parent support site  Everyday HP, I am everyday hphonored to be a guest blog writer for HP The Solution. Coupled with my family’s own experience and my subsequent reading of The Solution and a few long nights of research and writing, Everyday HP  came to be. In writing today, I am reminded of one of my all time favorite quotes from anthropologist Margaret Mead:

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world: indeed it is the only thing that ever has.”

As a concerned parent, caregiver or practitioner and all around holistic health enthusiast participating, researching or thinking about homeoprophylaxis, you are doing just that. At Everyday HP, we aim to support you on your HP journey through providing community and conversation about the every day reality of educating our children’s immune systems safely, effectively and naturally.

Reflecting on your own journey, you may have once wondered: “Why would my newborn, at not even 48 hours old, need a Hepatitis B vaccine?” Perhaps you have heard that internal guidance system shouting “No!” as you watched the nurse line up 4-5 doses of mysterious fluid, ready to inject your 6-month old? Perhaps you felt it all along – that the current conventional paradigm of by-passing our peripheral immune system by injecting multiple foreign and toxic entities into young and still developing systems is dangerous.

The paths and stories vary. The questions are the same. Parents and caregivers alike are asking: Is the current vaccine paradigm really the best thing?

HP families are growing in number, and quickly. Everyday HP seeks to serve those families. Born in April of 2013, Everyday HP is an online community of parents and caregivers with children who participate in HP.  On the website you will find information about homeopathy and HP, parent forums and a blog. We gather to share our experiences, to share information and above all, support each other on our HP journeys. We’re here for you.

You are not alone in your questions. You are not alone in your concerns. You are not alone in your HP journey.

Cheers to your health and wellbeing!  The Everyday HP Team

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FHCi is a 501c3Public charity working for education, research and access to homeoprophylaxis

What Would be a Green Vaccine?

Green means a product or service which is environmentally sustainable, and non-toxic. Green means to reduce impact on the environment and natural resourcescaless. Green also means to focus on a system of economic activity that benefits the health of individuals and the planet.

When it comes to a disease prevention program, in order to be green this disease prevention program should pass the following requirements:

  1. Non-toxic
  2. Environmentally sustainable
  3. Economically sustainable
  4. Benefit the health of individuals and the planet

How does the model of Vaccination compare to that of Homeoprophylaxis? Truth is, there is nothing green about a vaccine. While the intention is to benefit the health of individuals and the planet, the reality of the application of this disease prevention program is far from it. Below let’s examine how vaccines fare with regards to being green:

  1. It is not just the disease agent in the vaccine, the growth mediums, and adjuvants we are talking about, but rather all of the other ingredients like formaldehyde, polysorbate 80, glutaraldehyde, 2-phenoxethanol, thimerosal, beta-propiolactone, phenol, neomycin, and streptomycin, to name a few. These ingredients are toxic in themselves let alone in combination with the disease agent and immune system modulators found in vaccines: Fail.
  2. The vaccine industry relies on a continuous supply of host tissue cell cultures such as human aborted fetal cells, monkey kidney or pig intestine cells. Human fetal cells come from abortions, 100,000’s of monkeys have donated their kidneys to the science of vaccines and I am not sure where they get the pigs’ intestines from. Could it be a by-product of the meat production industry where the pigs are stuffed full of antibiotics and growth hormones before they are slaughtered? Fail.
  3. The economic outlook on the public health care campaign of vaccines is grim if you take the whole picture into account. On the one side, the global vaccine industry was valued at $24 billion in 2009 and is expected to reach $52 billion in 2016 at a Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 11.5%.[1] On the other side, the annual cost of autism has more than tripled to $126 billion in the US. The cost of providing care for each person with autism through his or her lifespan is $2.3 million:[2] Is this an economically sustainable health care model? Fail.
  4. While one could argue that infectious disease incidence has dropped with the use of vaccines, we are seeing an alarming rate of other conditions arising in our children. In the United States an estimated 1 in 50 children are diagnosed with autism.[3]  In 2005, 8.9% of children in the United States had asthma.[4]Now an average of one out of every 10 school-aged children has asthma.[5], [6] In 2007, 29% of children who had a food allergy also had asthma.[7] Vaccines have failed to contribute beneficially to the long-term health of our children or the environment. Fail.

Now, let us examine Homeoprophylaxis. Homeoprophylaxis (HP) is the use of potentized substances given by oral ingestion, prior to exposure to disease, with the aim to prevent that disease. Nosodes are used in the process of prophylaxis. Nosodes, as defined by the Food and Drug Administration’s Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States, are homeopathic ‘attenuation’s’ of pathological organs and/or tissues, causative agents, or disease products from infected individuals, such as discharges, excretions, and secretions. With the creation of nosodes, through the attenuation process of potentization, the energetic frequency of an infectious agent has been captured while removing its virulence and toxic effect.[1] Nosodes are prepared without any preservatives, adjuvants, or toxins.

According to the green scale let us see how Homeoprophylaxis fares:

  1. Non-toxic: As homeopathic remedies are prepared by dilution in pure alcohol there is no longer any source material present.  The final solution is anointed onto sugar pellets and the alcohol evaporates. There are no preservatives, host tissue cells, or immune-modulators present: Pass.
  2. As the source solution can be prepared once and then forever diluted, one can prepare an infinite amount of doses from a single source, resulting in a near zero environmental impact: Pass.
  3. The cost of Homeoprophylaxis with Free and Healthy Children International is a minimal initial outlay of money: $300-500 for a family of 4 for the 44 month program. HP provides a safe and effective form of educating the immune system with no long-term health consequences, thus reducing medical bills in the future. The model of HP is economically sustainable. Pass.
  4. Children who undergo HP programs are found to be healthier than children who have not received any protection as well as children who have been vaccinated, according to Dr. Isaac Golden’s 15 years of research into HP.[8] HP benefits the health of the individual, who in turn contributes to a healthy society. Pass.

What do you think? Would you agree that HP is a green vaccine?

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FHCi is a 501c3 Public Charity working for education, research and access to homeopropylaxis. Donations are tax-deductible.

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What if California Medical Providers Approved Homeoprophylaxis (HP)?

With the recent passage of CA SB277, parents, lawmakers, medical providers, and do no harmschools are going to have to figure out how to overturn this ruling, or to work within its framework. With medical professionals being the gatekeepers for deciding who is eligible for medical exemption from vaccines, they are the individuals we need to turn to and align with in regards to the health choices parents make for their children.

Currently, we doubt that any law maker has heard of homeoprophylaxis. This law would not be under protest if vaccines were safe. We know those parents who are looking for a safer option to vaccination may have found HP. It is these parents searching for options who will be leading the way to The Solution, and will be the ones who will have the opportunity to discuss their children’s health with medical professionals.

Medical professionals have the professional, moral obligation to practice in accordance with the Hippocratic Oath, in addition to their conscience, and Do No Harm.

As the vaccination method of disease prevention has known risks and associated side effects, and the vaccine companies are legally absolved from any liability for harm done, the next in line for culpability are medical professionals. Not only legal culpability, but also the psychological burden of responsibility is upon their shoulders, to the patients who come to them for healthcare.

Talk to your medical providers about HP. Tell them how HP shares the same philosophy as vaccination, but the method is safer, non-toxic, and provides a gentle way of educating your children’s immune system towards infectious disease.

We know no method of disease prevention is 100% guaranteed. Vaccine proponents admit this too. The public wants another option to reach the same end goal. HP provides that other option.

We have HP Supervisors in California available to answer your questions and to help you navigate your way to the medical providers that would support your right to choose the option of HP as a public health care model of disease prevention.

Find an HP Supervisor near you.

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FHCi is a 501c3Public charity working for education, research and access to homeoprophylaxis

Is HP Recognized by the State?

Hello! As the champions of #Homeoprophylaxis (HP) and promotion of #Vaccine Choice options, FHCi feels that every individual  StartingOverAfterDivorcehas the power to create the life they want to live.

When parents ask: Does HP count for vaccination in the eyes of the State? We ask the bigger question: What kind of life are you willing to give your children? Are we willing to accept the State laws that tell us what we have to do at the risk of damaging our children’s immune systems? Or, do we want to live our lives in accordance with our own conscience and work towards making sure the laws we live under, in a democracy, reflect this belief.

Years ago there were no laws that allowed alternative healthcare practitioners to practice. Now we have Health Freedom laws in several states around the country. This is because people kept working toward the world they want to live in. Now it seems illogical looking back to the time that healers could not practice and you would not have access to them.

There was a time healers were burned at the stake! My how far we have come!

The time is now to create the world we want to live in. The more parents who opt for HP, the more clout we have. The more that say no to vaccines, the healthier our children will be. The more people that opt for HP, the more recognition parents get for being responsible to society and taking care of their kids in a way that seems right to them.

Society changes based upon the impetus of the individual and the degree to which the individual is limited by the pressures of society. Epidemic disease is based on the in-adaptability of the population to modify their trajectory.

We currently have an epidemic of children with asthma, allergies, behavioral disturbances, developmental delays and autism. We are the ones who are in charge. The more power we give to others, the more of a victim we will be. We are the only ones that can change this trajectory and we have to change it if we want to ensure our survival. Our passivity is what limits us.

Carl Jung said: ‘Rather than being sufferers of our time, we are the creators of our epoch.’ The question is what kind of a future do you want for your children? And how many people, laws, or vaccines are you going to let deny them of that future? Start there, and then we can see about getting States to recognize HP as a viable option for educating your child’s immune system towards infectious disease.

Find an HP Supervisor in your area and Start HP today.

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