A Parent Asks

Dear FHCI,

I am extremely grateful for stumbling upon your book, “The Solution”. I have been Front coversearching for an alternative since my precious daughter was born. She is now 17 months, extremely healthy, and vaccine free. I read the book and am very enticed. I will be meeting with a qualified homeopath on Saturday to register for the homeoprophylaxis program. I started out with confidence and now I’m getting cold feet. Perhaps it’s because I have not been able to find an HP blog or from other real parents like me. I need to know risks and possibilities before administering this program to my daughter. The homeopath suggested that I try to reach out to you here.

Will my daughter suffer any major reactions to these nosodes? To what extent can she react to some of them? I need to know what to expect. We will briefly go over a homeopathic medicine chest to have on hand, in case….but I would definitely like to hear from others about different cases. If there is any help or details that you can give to us I will be forever thankful for your consideration.

Thank you for your excellent book and your service that you do for the community. You are definitely a breath of fresh air!

Sincerely, LP

Hello LP. Thank you for your inquiry. There is one HP blog which is everydayhp.com, There you may find some answers.
I am hoping your Homeopath/HP Supervisor will take the time to explain what we are doing with HP as far as educating the immune system with HP.
As the doses are small and they are of the energetic imprint of the disease it is expected that there be some mild immunological expression in response. This expected response demonstrates that the immune system is being activated. We would expect this from a vaccine also as one cannot develop antibodies or immunity without there also being a fever or other demonstration that the immune system has responded to the information given to it in the vaccine.
With HP we are seeing that some of the children are reacting by developing mild fevers, some changes in mood and sleep for a 24 hour period just after the nosode is administered. These immunological reactions are not side effects but the desired effects of educating the immune system with the energetic information of the disease agent. They will pass on there own as there is no disease agent in the nosode just the energetic quality of the disease.
The immune system will register that in fact nothing has entered. However, by educating the general immune system via the stimulation of the mucous membranes through the oral ingestion of the Homeopathic nosode a fever may be initialed which in turn may awaken the deeper aspects of the immune system.
There will never be a reaction like there is from vaccines as with vaccine the crude disease agent is administered via injection along with a bunch of other ingredients to intensify immunological action. This is what is leading the adverse events reported from vaccines.
If you are getting cold feet I would suggest you talk more with the HP supervisor some more about what to expect.
So far we have supervised over 450 children at various stages in the program and that which is explained above is what we are seeing. These are mild immunological rehearsals of disease teaching the immune system how to get sick and how to recover. In this way the immune system becomes educated about these diseases in question and in turn if the child were to contract the disease they would be able to move through the disease very easily as the immune system would have already set up the elimination pathway to do so. The main goal of HP is to not necessarily to stop disease but rather to mature the immune system so it can handle disease.
Thank you, FHCi

I can’t thank you enough for your prompt reply. Your response is exactly what I was hoping to hear. Fevers are reassurance that her immune system is working. I was concerned that she would develop weird rashes and other unknown reactions. I wish more people were aware of this alternative. I also wish people didn’t think that vaccines PREVENT diseases. It’s utterly misunderstood. After a long battle and separation from family over our refusal to vaccinate, I think this is a better route to go.

Do you by any chance know if there are any schools that have accepted this program as a legit vaccine record? I will most likely home-school my daughter, but it would be nice to know of any experiences like this. Thank you once again for your kind reply.

​With gratitude, Thank you. LP

Dear LP, Part of our work is to keep the discussion going so that people really understand what vaccines are doing and what they are not doing. Elevated antibody titers is showing that the vaccines have produced and allergic reaction not necessarily immunity. As far as the school acceptance, we have a lot of work to do to demonstrate HP is working as a public health care model. The main reason we have the program set up the way we have is to offer an alternative to vaccinations so people have choice.

Finding Reason in the Infectious Disease Prevention Debate

This week I have had the opportunity to step outside of my country of residence (USA) for a week, and with much rest have had the time to examine the state of affairs in the US with regards to vaccines, autism, and states encroaching on parent’s rights to raisFront covere their children the way they see fit.

In my sojourn I have traveled to England, Belgium and the Netherlands. Stepping outside of the country allows one to see things from a distance and to gain perspective. Different cultures have different views and understanding on health and disease. In America here it seems like there is more emotional energy spent on casting certain people aside based on their views rather than wanting to understand the problem. The Media is as implicit as the CDC in giving half baked rationalizations touting the vaccine model when more and more scientific research is demonstrating that aluminum is causing brain damage(1) and hep b vaccine is increased the likelihood of autism (2) along side evidence that vaccinated children are more likely to contract the infectious disease than non-vaccinated.

I have read blogs discussing how  vaccines have killed, maimed, or otherwise damaged the health of children, and other blogs on how people are fired from their jobs, or kicked out of schools for not vaccinating. There are posts from mothers who have lost the ability to know in their own gut what is right for their children; who are easily persuaded by fear and propaganda while the government is busy making plans to track everyone’s vaccine status.  All this is happening in a country where infectious disease is nearly nonexistent. Husbands and wives are getting divorced because they don’t agree on the issue and grandparents are refused the ability to see their grandchildren if they don’t get vaccinated.

There are those who would argue that the reduction of infectious disease is because of vaccines.  There are also those who can demonstrate it is vaccinated children who are now contracting the diseases.

The whole thing seems way out of control. The reason and rationale that should prevail in ordinary, thinking people’s minds is shot out the door. Pregnant pro-vaccine moms are pitted against life-long friends who are parents of non-vaccinated  children.

For me it is not whether you vaccinate or not, but rather if the rationale you rely upon to make the choice regarding your children‘s health is sound. If you let fear be your guide — whether it is fear of the disease, or fear of vaccines — you are denying yourself the opportunity to really understand the problem and any possible solution.

We must first try to understand the true nature of infectious disease. Infectious diseases are intelligent beings that are here to educate the immune system towards resolution of a problem. The goal is to understand the lesson and to harmonize our relationship with the infectious disease and the problem it is trying to solve. A true infectious disease prevention program needs to have this mechanism at the center of its goal. The immune system needs a system of medicine that helps the individual learn about the disease process and how to recover from it. People may come and go, but no matter what we do, infectious disease is here to stay. It is our job to figure out how to live with these viruses and bacteria in harmony.

If we let the government tell us what to inject into our blood,  we have lost the sovereignty over our own bodies.  Our immune system is ours and is designed to protect us. How we go about educating our immune system is an innate part of our own survival mechanism.

Let’s calm down bit, let rational be our guide, and look towards a Solution that can help get us out of this mess.

(1) http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22235057

(2) http://www.huffingtonpost.com/david-kirby/new-study-hepatitis-b-vac_b_289288.html

Homeoprophylaxis as a public health care campaign

We thought we would compare the public health care campaign of homeoprophylaxis to the campaign of vaccination.  This is in light of the latest autism statistics –  1 in 68 children now suffers from an autistic spectrum disorder! 1 in 42 boys versus 1 in 189 girls.*

If we are to inject multiple disease agents into the blood stream of infants to elicit an immune system response, then we must be able to recognize the response we are getting and determine if it is the desired response.

Campaign for Homeoprophylaxis:

  • Parents want to keep their children healthy
  • Parents know what is best for their childmaya
  • Parent are nervous about fevers but understand fevers are a good and normal part of immunological childhood development
  • Disease prevention programs should come with signs that the immune system is responding and recovering  completely from stimulation
  • Stimulation of the immune system is done in such a way as to educate the immune system from the periphery to the interior without putting the child at risk
  • Homeoprophylaxis uses doses of disease at the energetic level, one disease at a time, to gently stimulate an orchestrated immunological immune response to build deeper and longer lasting immunity
  • By these gentle immunological stimulatory events your child’s immune system is now healthier and remembers how to get sick and how to recover
  • Voluntary participation in homeoprophylaxis actually helps to keep disease incidence down to protect the rest of the public
  • Documentation and full disclosure of all reactions allows us to know what is happening with your child and what is actually happening as a result of the immunological stimulation on a short and long term basis
  • Children can grow up free, happy and healthy without risk of adverse events that results in death, allergies, seizures, etc.

Campaign for Vaccination:

  • Disease should be feared and avoided at all costsChild recieving a vaccine
  • If you do not vaccinate, you are a bad parent and putting your child at risk of the disease which can be fatal
  • If you do not vaccinate you are putting the rest of the population at risk as your child may be riddled with disease
  • You are putting your child at risk if they have a fever
  • Infants immune systems can easily accommodate up to 10 diseases at one time without any immunological signs of reactivity
  • Fever reducers should be given at the time of vaccination to reduce the risk of high fevers and suppress any immunological activity because somehow we can stimulate immunity with a vaccine without getting a fever
  • Those fevers, ear infections, neurological aberrations that occur after vaccines have nothing to do with the vaccines but just show that the child has some sort of immunological condition
  • We are not tracking reactions other than those that occur in the first 48 hours after vaccines as reactions that occur after this time period have nothing to do with the vaccines
  • It is no problem to keep giving vaccines if these symptoms are present because none of these symptoms have anything to do with the previous vaccines given
  • Your child who has behavior problems, emotional outbursts or night terrors is lacking the proper parenting
  • Food sensitivities have nothing to do with the vaccine ingredients, but rather our food sources are polluted somehow
  • Aren’t you glad you vaccinated because if you didn’t, you would probably have a child die from infectious disease
  • Occasional adverse events from vaccines are expected and they are the reasonable expense of a public healthcare model. Some children will die or suffer permanent damage
  • Most immunological responses after vaccines are considered coincidental to the vaccination and should be ignored. Both short term and long term health outcomes of our children have nothing to do with vaccines because studies have proven vaccines are safe
  • The CDC will now study and compare the health outcomes of unvaccinated and vaccinated children but this study will not be open to the public

What do you think? Which campaign elicits fear and which campaign speaks to the reason of inquiring parents?


The Discussion: to vaccinate, not to vaccinate, or what about HP

lemmingsTo vaccinate, or not to vaccinate, is the question. What happens in your family? The conversation has evolved over time. Ten years ago, if one were to say he was opposed to vaccination, he would have been scorned.

The common convention was for everyone to vaccinate; it was just assumed.  Only in private groups could you find like-minded individuals who didn’t feel right about vaccination. In these groups you could discuss other options, like what homeopathy might have to offer, or what an alternate vaccine schedule might look like?

Back then the big concern in children’s health was ADD or ADHD, and whether or not Ritalin was the appropriate medical treatment for such a condition. Noone ever really talked about autism, or pervasive developmental delays. Nor was the public media full of hype about the importance of vaccination, the neglect you were exercising over your children if you didn’t vaccinate, and more importantly what a risk you were to society if you didn’t vaccinate.

Now the story is very different.  1 in 34 boys is on the autism spectrum, our schools are full of children with some sort of learning disorder (1 in 6), and nearly every child has some sort of food intolerance, allergy, immunological problem, behavior problem or more. The officials say it has nothing to do with vaccines. Parents are saying it is the vaccines.

This is where it gets interesting. How have we, as humans, allowed things to get to such a state of affairs? These are our children. Do we not have a say in how they grow and what goes into their bodies? We must keep the discussion going. Even if we don’t know the answers, we must keep asking the questions and we must start doing something differently. When it comes to vaccination or not vaccinating, how does the discussion go in your family?

In some families the difference of opinion between husbands and wives is sufficient to arrive in divorce courts. Until recently the court would usually side with the parent wanting to vaccinate the children. In other families the discussions are more amicable and the husband goes along with the decision of the mother. Maybe she is the one doing all the research. Maybe she has a gut feeling that vaccines are not good for her children.

Until recently it has looked like the only options would be to either vaccinate, give a modified vaccine schedule, or to not vaccinate. Now, however, under the umbrella of Free and Healthy Children International, we have the option of Homeoprophylaxis to educate children’s immune systems. Now across America a hum is growing about this new way of disease prevention that keeps children’s immune systems healthy.

How is this hum changing the discussions in families about their children’s health?  How much time needs to pass, or how sick do our children need to be before we fully embrace another way? How much proof about the effects of vaccines needs to be revealed?  How can each individual’s participation in this discussion help to change the course of history? We invite you to enter the discussion with us.

Carl Jung said, “rather than being sufferers of our time, we are creators of our own epoch.”  With homeoprophylaxis we have the opportunity to change a paradigm. Rather than sit back and watch as more and more children fall like lemmings over the cliffs of bad science and financially-motivated agendas, we can forge ahead, into a new and healthier future.

Yeah I am sick!!!

I have been working my body too hard. I have been under too much stress. My mind flu-man-sickcannot seem to reconcile my experience of the external world with what is actually happening. It has been going on like this for some time and I can’t seem to get over it. However, yesterday as I came home from work I noticed my voice was really scratchy and my nose started to run and I could feel the tell-tale aches and chills of the early onset of a flu.

Today I have stayed home in bed and laid around in a stupor most of the day with images of all my conflicts running through my mind. My fever has escalated and finally the chills and body aches have subsided. I know I got sick so that I could separate myself from all this crap going on in my life. I am grateful for the grace nature has shown me with this sickness to learn how to let some things go. I am looking forward to the sweat I hope I can get tonight. I just had some warm soup with cayenne, a hot bath and now I am wrapped in my blankets in the hopes that I sweat it all out.

While this was happening today I thought I would write this blog as it seems so clear to me that infectious disease has a purpose. We often lead such busy lives and forget that nature did not intend for us to run around so crazy like. More than that, I know this sickness came because I was looking at the world all wrong. I am glad my body and this life has a self-correcting mechanism for us to to work through these external conflicts. I am glad for the opportunity my body has to vent all these pressure through this sickness.

I wonder what would have happened if I had gotten the flu shot this year. I probably would have continued on in that crazy way and never had the opportunity to right myself. Or worse yet, some other maladies would have probably shown up to teach me how off track I was. This must be the way of it.

Can my HP Child Play with Your Vaccinated Child?

There are three parts to this question. First we need tochildren play understand how disease actually works in the healthy immune system.  Next, what have vaccines done (and not done)  for the immune system?  And finally, how does homeoprophylaxis (HP) strengthen the immune system?

Point one-The way acute disease really works: Acute infectious disease shows itself by way of active symptoms, including but not limited to; fever, discharge, cough, eruptions etc. If one is sick there are signs and symptoms of this sickness. Usually a child would be kept home from school and stay in bed while their body works out this infectious process. This mechanism is true for vaccinated, unvaccinated and HP children.  An unvaccinated or HP child with no visible signs of sickness,  is not contagious, nor do they harbor a list of infectious agents to infect other children with.

Susceptibility to sickness has to do with the inherent strength of the child’s immune system. The stronger the immune system, the better able the child is to defend and recover from acute illnesses. Some say acute illness actually comes along to serve this purpose: To strengthen the immune system. Sometimes children need the help of homeopathy to move all the way through a sickness.

Point two- What do vaccines do to the immune system? It is assumed that when your child receives a vaccine they are immune to a disease. Antibodies have been forced to be produced with adjuvants. This is a one-sided immune response. It is assumed that antibodies mean they will remain healthy. Truth is antibodies are not the same as immunity. Vaccinated children can still contract the disease as their general immune system function has not been keyed to the infectious agent. Truth is many vaccines are made with live attenuated viruses. These viruses can then be shed into the surrounding population even if the vaccinated child doesn’t show any visible signs of sickness. This is in direct opposition to the afore mentioned statement that unvaccinated and HP children are not reservoirs of viral and bacterial agents as vaccinated children are.  Truth is vaccines have done nothing to strengthen the immune system or prepare that child for real infectious processes. They skew the immune system, manipulating production of antibodies.  This leaves the child in a state of sequela from the vaccine with a variety of possible unresolved ear infections, upper respiratory infections and gastrointestinal dysfunction: Vaccines have done nothing to strengthen the functioning of the immune system. Recent studies have shown that in fact, this can leave the child more open to other infections. (1)

Point three- How HP educates the immune system: The key to understanding HP lies in the attenuation process. With a homeopathic nosode the disease entity has been diluted out of the solution. This means that there are no viral or bacterial particles left in the final preparation. This potentization process imparts an energetic frequency to the solution which is then understood by the human system. Upon exposure to the homeopathic nosode, the immune system reacts as if it has seen the disease. It learns about the disease process, and then recovers with no lingering symptoms – there are no viral or bacterial particles to transmit to others. What remains is an educated immune system and no after effects. This experience strengthens the immune system. The child is less susceptible to contacting the diseases for which the nosodes were given. The immune system has also been exercised and the child remains less susceptible to contracting other sicknesses as well. When the next virus comes along, the immune system has been educated in knowing how to develop a fever, mount a natural immune response, develop a discharge and resolve the illness.

So in answer to the question, yes your vaccinated child can play with my HP child because my HP child’s immune system knows what to do when it sees sickness and the viral particles your child may shed. However your vaccinated child may be too sick with other lingering problems to come out to play.

(1) Clinical Infectious Diseases 2012;54(12):1778–83

Vaccines and Homeoprophylaxis Share the Same History

Did you know Homeoprophylaxis was develoed at the same time as the smallpox vaccine? And that the cowpox vaccine for smallpox worked by the homeopathic law of similar disease?

Extracting cowpox from infected cow udders

Historically with the smallpox epidemics in Europe it was observed that those who previously contracted cowpox were immune to small pox. This observation led scientists to the idea of inoculating people with cowpox disease to prevent smallpox. This was the first vaccination used on people. The inoculation material produced a mild local infection similar to that of smallpox and in some people generated life-long immunity to smallpox. At this same time homeopaths developed a homeopathic preparation of the smallpox vesicle and used this with equal effectiveness for the prevention of smallpox. This homeopathic nosode is called variolinum.

Scientists researched the potential of preventing other diseases by introducing live viruses to stimulate immunity. Experiments were begun with dogs and the rabies virus. Unfortunately, this  method killed many dogs until Louis Pasteur had the idea to incubate the virus in rabbits to lessen its virulence. This was the first attempt at attenuation, or the weakening of the virulence of a disease.

This method of attenuating the virus in another host species tissue is still used today in the production of vaccines. Homeopathic attenuation is done through dilution and succussion.

The problem with the vaccine method is threefold:

  • The final product not only has the original pathogen but also the possibility of pathogens found in the host cell culture,[i]; [ii] viruses, and also DNA from the host cells. In addition, vaccines are loaded with a variety of other ingredients such as bovine casein, peanut oil, antibiotics, yeast, and aluminum adjuvants which force the immune system into a hyperactive allergic response. In flu shots, the preservative Thimerosol, which contains mercury, is used.
  • Vaccines are injected which bypass the peripheral aspects of the immune system.
  • The vaccine schedule now lists multiple diseases to be given simultaneously and repeated often in a short amount of time. Infant’s immune systems are too immature to develop the appropriate immunological response to so many disease at once.

As a result of this method the ill-health of children in America has reached epidemic proportions.[iii] ,[iv], [v]

It is for these reasons we need Homeoprophylaxis (HP). It is a time-honored practice of infectious disease prevention and its effectiveness is well-documented throughout history. [vii]  The difference between homeoprophylaxis and vaccination is the method of attenuation, delivery, and dosing schedule.

  • HP nosodes only contain a simple dilution of the original disease material, where the solution contains the memory of the substance only – nothing else; no chemicals, no additives, no antibiotics.
  • HP is given through the mouth in small pellets, so the intestines, where 80% of immunity resides, can recognize the disease material and start the work of building immunity.
  •  HP gives one single disease at a time. Developing immune systems are unable to resolve too many diseases at once. This is the safest and most natural way to allow sufficient time for developing immune systems to identify, mount a natural response, and resolve this immune system stimulation.
  • The end result is pure education of the immune system in how to mount an appropriate response in an unconfused way. But because there is actually no disease particle present in the final solution there is no risk of harm and the reactive process just passes on its own, leaving its imprint in the memory of the immune system.

With Homeoprophylaxis you get the learning of the disease without the suffering and without the attended side effects of vaccines. It educates children’s immune systems gently and safely.

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