Pro-#Infectious Disease Prevention

We are looking for ways to be responsible to society by helping to keep disease incidenceRemedy vial down and to #prevent autism.  The question is how can we be pro-infectious disease prevention and still #question vaccines? More importantly, the question is how can we #educate the immune system toward the infectious process without damaging the immune system in the process?

The answer has to do with three things

  1. Attenuation
  2. Ingredients                                                                                                                 
  3. Delivery method

#Homeoprophylaxis (HP) differs from vaccines in these three areas while it shares the same goals in keeping disease incidence down.

  1. Attenuation: The antigens in vaccines are attenuated (weakened) through incubating them on other host tissue and then subjecting to heat, radiation or denaturing in order to weaken the virulence of the antigen. #Nosodes, (which are what are used for HP) are pure disease agents attenuated by dilution and succusion. The final product is an energetic preparation of the disease agent which is sufficiently viable to stimulate immunological reaction, but insufficient to cause full blown disease.
  2. Ingredients: For vaccines, in order to stimulate various aspects of the immune system and suppress other aspects, #adjuvants, such as aluminum hydroxide, are included. Beyond that there are the host mediums, foreign DNA, antibiotics, formaldehyde, stabilizers, emulsifiers and a variety of other ingredients. The final product looks like salad dressing, a uniform solution of a variety of ingredients that would be hard enough to digest let alone for the immune system to try to reconcile and eliminate.  In addition, combination vaccines have multiple infectious agents which call upon different and conflicting aspects of the immune system to simultaneously resolve and eliminate from the body. Nosodes are derived from the discharge of a person sick with the disease. Present is the agent of the disease but also the human immunological responses to that disease agent. This is then reduced to pure energetic frequency through potentization. Nothing else!  When this frequency is administered one disease at a time to an individual, only the immune system response to that agent is activated. As there is nothing else in the nosode, nothing needs to be eliminated or detoxed out of the body.
  3. Delivery method: Vaccines are injected into the body bypassing half of the immune system; the peripheral immune system which is there to forewarn the interior that a disease agent is coming. As the peripheral immune system is bypassed, the cascade of normal immunological events is interrupted or not initiated, resulting in immune system confusion. As nosodes are energetic and administered orally, they first touch upon those mucous membranes which in turn sets up deeper immunological reactions engendering immunity. With this kind of stimulation one experiences complete immune system action toward immunity.

Through the use of pure disease agents, delivered orally, one at a time, HP serves to #educate the immune system in the way it needs to be instructed. This is accomplished from the periphery to the center, in an orderly fashion.

What Would be a GREEN Vaccine?

Green means a product or service which is environmentally sustainable, and non-toxic. Green means to reduce impact on the environment and natural resourcescaless. Green also means to focus on a system of economic activity that benefits the health of individuals and the planet.

When it comes to a disease prevention program, in order to be green this disease prevention program should pass the following requirements:

  1. Non- toxic
  2. Environmentally sustainable
  3. Economically sustainable
  4. Benefit the health of individuals and the planet

How does the model of Vaccination compare to that of Homeoprophylaxis? Truth is there is nothing green about a vaccine. While the intention is to benefit the health of individuals and the planet, the reality of the application of this disease prevention program is far from it.

Below let’s examine how vaccines fare with regards to being green:

  1. It is not just the disease agent in the vaccine, the growth mediums, and adjuvants we are talking about, but rather all of the other ingredients like formaldehyde, polysorbate 80, Gutaraldehyde, 2-phenoxethanol, thimerosal, beta-propiolactone, phenol, neomycin, and streptomycin, to name a few. These ingredients are toxic in themselves let alone in combination with the disease agent and immune system modulators found in vaccines: Fail.
  2. The vaccine industry relies on a continuous supply of host tissue cell cultures such human aborted fetal cells, monkey kidney or pigs intestine cells. Human fetal cells come from abortions, 100,000’s of monkeys have donated their kidneys to the science of vaccines and I am not sure where they get the pigs intestines from.Could it be a by-product of the meat production industry where the pigs are stuffed full of antibiotics and growth hormones before they are slaughtered? Fail.
  3. The economic outlook on the public health care campaign of vaccines is grim if you take the whole picture into account. On the one side, the global vaccines industry was valued at $24 billion in 2009 and is expected to reach $52 billion in 2016 at a Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 11.5%.[1] On the other side, the annual cost of autism has more than tripled to $126 billion in the US. The cost of providing care for each person with autism through his or her lifespan is $2.3 million:[2] Is this an economically sustainable health care model? Fail.
  4. While one could argue that infectious disease incidence has dropped with the use of vaccines, we are seeing an alarming rate of other conditions arising in our children: In the United States an estimated 1 in 50 children are diagnosed with autism:[3]  In 2005, 8.9% of children in the United States had asthma.[4]Now an average of one out of every 10 school-aged children has asthma.[5], [6] In 2007, 29% of children who had a food allergy also had asthma:[7] Vaccines have failed to contribute beneficially to the long-term health of our children or the environment. Fail.

On the other hand let us examine Homeoprophylaxis. Homeoprophylaxis (HP) is the use of potentized substances given by oral ingestion prior to exposure to disease with the aim to prevent that disease. Nosodes are used in the process of prophylaxis. Nosodes as defined by the Food and Drug Administration’s Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States are homeopathic ‘attenuations‘ of pathological organs and/or tissues, causative agents, or disease products from infected individuals, such as discharges, excretions, and secretions. With the creation of nosodes, through the attenuation process of potentization, the energetic frequency of an infectious agent has been captured while removing its virulence and toxic effect.[1] Nosodes are prepared without any preservatives, adjuvants, and toxins.

According to the green scale let us see how homeoprophylaxis fares:

  1. Non-toxic: As homeopathic remedies are prepared by dilution in pure alcohol there is no longer any source material present.  The final solution is anointed onto sugar pellets and the alcohol evaporates. There are no preservatives, host tissue cells, or immuno-modulators present: Pass.
  2. As the source solution can be prepared once and then forever diluted, one can prepare an infinite amount of doses from a single source, resulting in a near zero environmental impact: Pass.
  3. The cost of Homeoprophylaxis is a minimal initial outlay of money: $283 per child. HP provides a safe effective form of educating the immune system with no long-term health consequences. The model of HP is economically sustainable. Pass.
  4. Children who undergo HP programs are found to be healthier then children who have not received any protection, and children who have been vaccinated according to Dr. Isaac Golden’s 15 years of research into HP.[8] HP benefits the health of the individual who in turns contributes to a healthy society. Pass.

What do you think?

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Do Children Get Sick with HP?

Before answering we must determine the reasoning for the question. On one side there is T-lyphocyte099fear of sickness; on the other there is now fear of vaccines and adverse events. It is from these points of view this question is being raised.

We have been led by conventional medicine to view febrile sickness as a worrisome thing to avoid at all costs. The use of vaccines and antibiotics has been towards this end. On the other side, as the number of vaccines have increased and doctors over prescribe antibiotics, parents are seeing their children suffer more severe immunological distress than the sicknesses may have ever caused.cycle

The immune system’s primary function is to discern self from non-self. Who am I and who am I not? This function is mirrored by the act of putting food in our bodies (what needs to be absorbed and what is eliminated?), the billions of antigens we encounter daily (do I need to make antibodies against or not?), and the process of intellectual discrimination (what thoughts are rational and what is junk?: What do I know is true and what have I been led to believe?).

We are exposed to all sorts of external influences. The immune system’s function is to discriminate: A healthy immune system knows how to react with the environment and how to build a defense to those agents which could otherwise harm it. The strength of our defense mechanism determines the extent of our reaction. Those who are sickly will produce an insufficient immunological response and the process of disease can progress. Those who have a strong defense mechanism are at risk for over reacting, producing too high of a fever or purgative process which also puts the body at risk.

Healthy immunological response is to produce a sufficient fever and the appropriate elimination pathway resulting in immunity. Fevers and discharges are healthy and are necessary for normal childhood development. If a child never gets fevers they are at risk for chronic disease later in life.

The problem of not vaccinating, and not having a method to treat infectious disease is that when your child gets sick, unless you have access to homeopathy to treat the illness, there is risk of harm. With vaccinating however, rather than the risk of infectious disease, the child is at risk of vaccine injury which can have life-long devastating effects.

The opening question is best translated to: how is homeoprophylaxis affecting the immune system and is there a risk of homeoprophylaxis injury?

The nosodes used in homeoprophylaxis are sourced from pure disease entities without added adjuvants, preservatives, and incubation medium. They are potentized (serial dilution) beyond the point of having anything in them. These nosodes still maintain an energetic imprint of the disease which has the ability to initiate an immunological response when administered orally. The desired response is to produce mild symptoms relating to the disease of the nosode given (fever and discharge). The purpose is to practice immunological action to that disease entity so that if exposed, the immune system knows how to respond appropriately. If the immunological response to the nosode is significant enough it will generate immunity to the disease. Typically the immunological response is mild and short lived (24 hours or less) while the body behaves ‘as if’ it has the disease. As there is no disease agent present, the symptoms subside on their own.

Is this sickness? Not really. It is healthy immune system function which helps to build a healthy immune system.

In contrast to vaccines where the immunological response stimulated can lead to high fevers, seizures, allergic reactions, ear infections, neurological problems, developmental delays and more, homeoprophylaxis can never cause this. Vaccines are made with the actual antigen, multiple disease are given at once, and vaccine adjuvants force an over productive immunological response. As vaccines are injected they need to be eliminated. It is the attempted elimination process which puts the child at risk. Rather than helping to build the immune system, vaccines act to confuse immunological response, leaving in their wake a generation of children lumbering with allergies, pervasive developmental delays and neurological deficits. They have done nothing to teach the immune system how to discriminate as it should.

The Vaccine paradigm is imploding. How are we to prevent infectious disease?

_Certified-Professional-psd75726Become Certified in Homeoprophylaxis( HP)!

Join up with about 100 other homeopaths who are offering HP in North America. We are all operating under the umbrella of Free and Healthy Children International where we offer access to, education, and research on HP.

Our short certification program in HP gives eligible practitioners all the philosophical and practical information needed for you to be able offer HP to your families in practice.

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Why we are focusing on another way to prevent disease


Inside source reveals CDC cover-up of data linking MMR and Autism
“Whistleblower” has yet to blow
     Reports are blasting around the internet that William W. Thompson, Ph. D. a veteran research scientist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), provided information to Brian Hooker, PhD. and Andrew Wakefield, MD, showing that a 2004 study prepared by the CDC was altered to deliberately cover-up a finding that African-American boys who received the Measles Mumps Rubella (MMR) vaccine at less than 36 months of age developed autism 340% more frequently than boys who received the shot after 36 months of age.  This study was part of an ongoing program to study the health of children in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

     Allegedly, after the CDC employees found the association between the MMR and autism they decided to exclude children who did not have a complete Georgia birth certificate. Once these children were excluded the study allegedly confirmed the pre-determined conclusion the study was intended to produce.

     Even after the allegedly deliberate altering of the data, the final study still showed a statistically significant higher rate of autism among those who received the MMR at a younger age, but the study was presented to the public as showing no association between MMR and autism.

Read the study here:

    Brian Hooker, a biochemist at Simpson University, allegedly on the advice of Thompson, recalculated the same dataset used by the CDC, but included the previously excluded children, and arrived at the 340% increase in autism among African-American males. Hooker presented his findings in a study published on August 8 by the peer-reviewed journal Translational Neurodegeneration.

See Dr. Hooker’s study here:

   The existence of a “whistleblower,” but not Thompson’s name, was revealed in a video released by Andrew Wakefield and the Autism Media Channel earlier this week. Wakefield compared the CDC cover-up to the notorious Tuskegee experiment that allowed a group of African-American men to go untreated with syphilis for decades. An updated video that does identify Thompson was released yesterday.  The Autism Media Channel website went offline several days ago and was still not accessible as of press time. The video that identifies Thompson can be seen here:

     Thompson has yet to make any public statements. Nor has the corporate media reported on this news.


The Devergent Philosophies of Homeoprophylaxis and Vaccination

In homeopathic practice we begin to see things in a different light when it comes to disease, disease prevention and how the immune system works. The following notes are from a clinic day in my homeopathic office. These are real stories and demonstrate the real issues when it comes to legal issues, children and fevers, the ‘science’ of vaccination and antibiotics in real life, how vaccines effect the immune system and how homeopathy can balance vaccine damage and offers another option to the vaccine paradigm. The cow will make sense when you get to the end of the article.

  • I got an email this morning from a mom who lives in Texas. She wants to calfdo homeoprophylaxis (HP) for her two boys but was wondering if her Private Catholic school would accept the HP instead of vaccines and would HP produce titers sufficient to be accepted as immunity: The doctor would not write a medical exemption for vaccines as he did not see there being any medical condition that would preclude them. The school said if she did not vaccinate they would have to leave the school. I explained that HP did not satisfy state requirements or school requirements and that HP does not always produce titers even though it lessens susceptibility to disease.
  • The mom of my 11:00am new patient appointment with a 9 year old autistic girl with excessive violence problems called to reschedule as the she believes the child has PANDAS:  They wanted to address the PANDAS with Antibiotics. I explained that homeopathy can help with not only the autism but also the PANDAS.  More often than not the PANDAS are a result of too many antibiotics given for ear infections that are a direct result of the vaccines. In my mind I am not sure how more antibiotics are going to help.
  • A mother called about her two and a half year old son who had been having a fever on and off for the last three days: This mother was new to homeopathy when her daughter got a full body skin rash from her first DTaP vaccine. After Clearing the DTaP vaccine with the CEASE protocol in homeopathy the skin rash completely resolved.  We had also been working on clearing the Pediarix vaccine from her son. He had behavioral issues, was not talking, and seemed to be having a variety of symptoms that looked like developmental delays. With every vaccine he had been given she was instructed to give Tylenol so that he wouldn’t get a fever. I had explained that in order for the vaccine to do what it is intended to do, ie to stimulate immunity, the child needed to get a fever. The reason her child was suffering from the developmental delays was that because the fevers had always been suppressed. In these last two months with the CEASE clearing of the Pediarix vaccine he had been developing fevers and discharges and now his behavior is normalizing. He is speaking more and development seems to be returning to normal.  This fever today was a random fever not relating to any clearing protocol. She said this is the first natural fever he has had she has not given Tylenol for. Based on the symptoms I suggested Gelsemium and to call back in a few hours. My expectation was that he should sleep, the fever would go up, and he would sweat. When he wakes the fever should be gone.
  • I got a call from a long-time patient whose neighbor got a flu shot three weeks ago and is now in the hospital with Guillain–Barré Syndrome: The symptoms started shortly after the vaccine with weakness and paralysis of lower limbs but progressed quickly to full body paralysis with an emergency tracheotomy as he was suffocating. During the surgery they accidentally cut his vocal cords so now he can’t speak. She wondered if homeopathy could help? I said yes we would need to address why his immune system is attacking his nerves.
  • Later, while registering a new family for the HP program for their second child I had a long discussion with the mom about how to talk with the nurse mother-in law about not vaccinating: This mom had initially come to me for help with their three year old who, after the Pediarix vaccine started to develop OCD type behaviors after the second round of antibiotics given to address the recurrent double ear infections she had been having. The mother was remarking that since we had initiated the CEASE Clearing protocol with the Pedirax vaccine nosode and Carcinosin, and after the fevers and sweat which developed in the clearing process, her child had stopped screaming and throwing tantrums, had begun to talk, and toilet train and no longer screamed in the bath. It was after these improvements and a new understanding of how her child’s immune system had been struggling with the vaccines that she and her husband decided that they did not want to vaccinate their new born. During our conversation as I was explaining that HP nosodes are just the pure disease energy without any other ingredients like bovine casein, pig’s intestines or human diploid cells (aborted fetal tissue), she stopped me and said she started to feel really sick. I asked why? She said it was because her brother-in-law, who developed the Hib vaccine, was over just recently getting more cows blood from their dairy cows for his vaccine lab; She was becoming sick at the realization of her small little part in the production of vaccines that in turn were being injected into millions of children who in turn could end up with developmental delays and more. She was sick to her stomach at the implication of it all- this mad-scientist method of disease prevention we have indoctrinated everyone into believing is truth.
  • My day ended with the mother of the boy with the fever calling back saying that yes he had been sleeping all afternoon: She had given all three doses. The fever had gone up as expected and now he was really sweaty. He woke up happy. Was there anything more she should do?  I said the fever is passing, his immune system is doing what it needs to do.

How was your day?

A Parent Asks

Dear FHCI,

I am extremely grateful for stumbling upon your book, “The Solution”. I have been Front coversearching for an alternative since my precious daughter was born. She is now 17 months, extremely healthy, and vaccine free. I read the book and am very enticed. I will be meeting with a qualified homeopath on Saturday to register for the homeoprophylaxis program. I started out with confidence and now I’m getting cold feet. Perhaps it’s because I have not been able to find an HP blog or from other real parents like me. I need to know risks and possibilities before administering this program to my daughter. The homeopath suggested that I try to reach out to you here.

Will my daughter suffer any major reactions to these nosodes? To what extent can she react to some of them? I need to know what to expect. We will briefly go over a homeopathic medicine chest to have on hand, in case….but I would definitely like to hear from others about different cases. If there is any help or details that you can give to us I will be forever thankful for your consideration.

Thank you for your excellent book and your service that you do for the community. You are definitely a breath of fresh air!

Sincerely, LP

Hello LP. Thank you for your inquiry. There is one HP blog which is, There you may find some answers.
I am hoping your Homeopath/HP Supervisor will take the time to explain what we are doing with HP as far as educating the immune system with HP.
As the doses are small and they are of the energetic imprint of the disease it is expected that there be some mild immunological expression in response. This expected response demonstrates that the immune system is being activated. We would expect this from a vaccine also as one cannot develop antibodies or immunity without there also being a fever or other demonstration that the immune system has responded to the information given to it in the vaccine.
With HP we are seeing that some of the children are reacting by developing mild fevers, some changes in mood and sleep for a 24 hour period just after the nosode is administered. These immunological reactions are not side effects but the desired effects of educating the immune system with the energetic information of the disease agent. They will pass on there own as there is no disease agent in the nosode just the energetic quality of the disease.
The immune system will register that in fact nothing has entered. However, by educating the general immune system via the stimulation of the mucous membranes through the oral ingestion of the Homeopathic nosode a fever may be initialed which in turn may awaken the deeper aspects of the immune system.
There will never be a reaction like there is from vaccines as with vaccine the crude disease agent is administered via injection along with a bunch of other ingredients to intensify immunological action. This is what is leading the adverse events reported from vaccines.
If you are getting cold feet I would suggest you talk more with the HP supervisor some more about what to expect.
So far we have supervised over 450 children at various stages in the program and that which is explained above is what we are seeing. These are mild immunological rehearsals of disease teaching the immune system how to get sick and how to recover. In this way the immune system becomes educated about these diseases in question and in turn if the child were to contract the disease they would be able to move through the disease very easily as the immune system would have already set up the elimination pathway to do so. The main goal of HP is to not necessarily to stop disease but rather to mature the immune system so it can handle disease.
Thank you, FHCi

I can’t thank you enough for your prompt reply. Your response is exactly what I was hoping to hear. Fevers are reassurance that her immune system is working. I was concerned that she would develop weird rashes and other unknown reactions. I wish more people were aware of this alternative. I also wish people didn’t think that vaccines PREVENT diseases. It’s utterly misunderstood. After a long battle and separation from family over our refusal to vaccinate, I think this is a better route to go.

Do you by any chance know if there are any schools that have accepted this program as a legit vaccine record? I will most likely home-school my daughter, but it would be nice to know of any experiences like this. Thank you once again for your kind reply.

​With gratitude, Thank you. LP

Dear LP, Part of our work is to keep the discussion going so that people really understand what vaccines are doing and what they are not doing. Elevated antibody titers is showing that the vaccines have produced and allergic reaction not necessarily immunity. As far as the school acceptance, we have a lot of work to do to demonstrate HP is working as a public health care model. The main reason we have the program set up the way we have is to offer an alternative to vaccinations so people have choice.